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Rogue Farmers provides consulting services to commercial clients, with consistent, quality results.

We believe that choosing the right partner is such a critical first step. Building a strong foundation for your production facility will elevate you above the competition. Our team has built and designed very large infrastructure project in the tech, financial, healthcare industries and we apply this to our cultivation design methodology. Rogue Farmers was founded by industry experts, whom combined have over 20 years of experience. Using our hands on approach we understand our ever changing industry. This is how we help our client's projects achieve success. Including; help with: facility design and management, licensure, SOPs, planning, technology, project management, staffing and plant cultivation, integrated pest management, nutrient system design and scheduling, post harvest processing design and operations.

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Company Information

Facility Design and Management

By creating an efficent infrastructure, you will be able to move through the cultivation phase with great results

Post Harvest Processing Design and Operations

Harvest and packaging should not be overlooked. Our storage and processing techniques will bring efficency to your operation

Techology Consulting, IPM, Nutreint System Design

With our specilization on organic production and pest management your facility will be able to pass the "Clean Green Certification" process

The experience of Rogue Farmers cultivation team includes nearly every growing method available. Our method utilizes proven controlled environment production techniques coupled with modern technology. This has allowed us to optimize quality and maximize yield in a consistent, repeatable fashion.
By using integrated pest management protocols, our cultivation design uses fewer chemicals to produce the highest yields and quality possible. Beneficial predator insects are used to control pest insects and stimulate healthy plant growth. Using beneficial insects and microbes, we ensure that the end product is as safe and healthy for the consumers as possible. We have designed IPM strategies for some of Oregon’s largest OMRI certified farms with hundreds of acres of production.
We offer complete grow solutions that produces high, consistent yields on a commercial scale, We recommend an organic approach, our organic soil products and design service will bring together everything you need to be successful. We are distributors of Philips Soil and Vital Earth’s Products
Our facility designs are built to grow as you expand your operation. To achieve this, systemization of processes and automation are combined with management experience to ensure the success of an operation of any size.