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The AVN series is perfect for food, pharmaceutical, medical, electronics, clean room, and any general applications where moisture and oxygen are a threat to your product. With one touch of the pedal, the AVN flushes out oxygen and moisture with nitrogen or any other inert gas to protect and extend the

life of your product. This quality vacuum sealer is also great for reducing the bulk of items or keeping them from wear due to friction during transportation. Clean room compatible, the AVN is also ideal for dry packaging applications on trays, tape and reel, tubes, and a variety of SMD shipping containers.

Combine the AVN’S precise automation with speed, extensive safety features, and incredible durability. Providing additional functionality and convenience, the AVN’s gas flush or vacuum functions can be switched off for impulse sealing only.
The AVN is hand assembled at our facility using only superior grade components. It features five seal lengths (20,” 25,” 30,” 35,” 50”) and can be custom configured to meet CE certification requirements.

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